Raising Environment Conscious Children

Schools are not just places to deliver the curriculum. They shall focus on nurturing the child into responsible individuals.

We as parents park all our resources – time, effort and money - into providing the best for our child. The child’s school takes the top priority and influences all the decisions of parent’s life. Buying a home, shifting home, work location and shift etc. – all are based on the child’s school. A child spends a large part of her day at school and the impact of a school and teacher doesn’t need any research to prove. So, every school needs to consciously work on growing and nurturing the ‘responsible child’ and not merely ‘teaching’ the curriculum.

At KEYKIDZ, there is a conscious and continuous effort to weave this responsible nurturing into the very fabric of the curriculum and regular operations. During the preschool years children have extremely high capability to develop love for learning and form empathetic and sensitive outlook towards others. Love and awareness about the environment, simple measures to contribute positively and being sensitive and empathetic towards all are the KEY aspects we focus right from the Toddler years.

Everyone at KEYKIDZ takes the responsibility of saving water, light and paper; and recycling. Lot of effort and emphasis is laid on making teaching aids and event crafts and props by reusing and recycling paper, magazines, bottles, boxes, egg cartons, fruit trays etc. It is the team’s effort to make children conscious and creative with the things we have around us, rather than just putting together fancy materials in the name of creativity.

Children sow seeds and grow their class garden as they cover the topics of growing and caring for gardens. They meet birds and earthworms to know about the friends in the garden, and how to show care towards them. They get to bring their pets to school and learn to care for them on the ‘pet day’. They make farms, jungle and zoo in the class rooms as they learn about safety rules in zoo and various animal friends. During senior kindergarten they also get to know about endangered animals and how to save them. They learn about forests, oceans and deserts – the plants and animals of these habitats, their importance, impact of our actions in polluting them, its effect on us and environment etc. Our school sports colours and houses also reinforce our commitment towards our environment.

The impact of this focus on making children environmentally sensitive and conscious during their crucial years at KEYKIDZ is very visible in children’s actions at home and during vacations. Parents proudly share how children are careful about not littering around, switching off the lights and turning the taps off not only at home but even when they are out. They enjoy and take interest in caring for plants and garden at home.

The ‘Fun-O-Learn’ approach towards this most significant aspect of our existence makes learning experiential, impactful and meaningful. This lays the foundation of nurturing the custodians of our planet grow into responsible individuals.

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