School Shopping? It need not be miles hopping.

Schooling of a child is a major decision in every parent’s life. More thought and effort goes in deciding a school, than it goes probably for any other major decision in our life, like buying a home or taking up a job. Also, the review, analysis, comparison and follow up of the decision taken continues forever. In fact, parents even try to base the decision about other aspects around the decision of the selection of the school. Looking at the significance of this one decision, and its impact, due diligence shall be done on the part of the parent before taking the final call.

This is easier said than done. With the change in education scenario in the country in general, and in metros and emerging metros specifically, this has become a herculean task. The number of schools in these cities has multiplied many folds, and with that has multiplied the confusion to choose. All schools do have a presence online, but it’s hard to get all required info virtually. Also, the tighter work schedules and congested roads make it harder to visit all schools to take this info. The best is if all the schools could be at one place and parent could collect the required info that would help in sorting and short listing the options as per one’s preference.

Schooling expo makes this possible. It gives an opportunity to parents to know the options available to them in their area. They get all the info like location, infrastructure details, board, standards, curriculum, teacher-student ratio, focus, transport, fee etc. for most of the schools first hand at one place. They can even schedule the visit to their shortlisted schools at their convenience with the representatives of these schools while at the expo. This leaves them to spend time and effort to collect these details of only those schools which were not at the expo. This not only saves a lot of time for the parents, but also introduces them to newer options.

To get the best from an expo, parents need to do little homework before visiting one. They shall do due diligence about the board they wish to choose for the child. This will help them focus on the schools offering the same, and collect further details about them. After visiting the schools with their preference of boards, parents shall also explore few other schools with different board or curriculum to validate their choice. This will ensure higher satisfaction with the final choice in the long run.

An expo facilitates knowing various schooling options, and connecting the school with the parents. But, parents shall also take little caution before finalising their decision. In the scenario of abundance, each school has its marketing machinery in place to make the loudest noise. Hear all, and see the same through a visit to the school. Every parent has different degree of expectation for different parameters from a school. Check out the things that matter more to you for your child, and take the final call based on which school fulfils it to the maximum. This will save both you and the child from years of anxiety, confusion and stress.

Little thought and planning can get you maximum from any expo, and go miles in assisting you take this significant decision in your life well.

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