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Namma Bengaluru is the fastest growing Indian metropolis, 2nd only to the national capital, Delhi. Last two decades have seen the city transition from a garden city to IT hub to an education paradise. Bengaluru has been home to many premier, world renowned institutes in various fields. The change in demographic structure has put additional educational requirements on the city. The heritage city has kept pace with the growing number of young ‘schooling steps’ and has come up with abundance of options. It has its platter full with schools that have a legacy in the city to the schools that have a new and fresh appeal. All these schools offer wide choices in the board to suit the different preferences of the people. Parents in the city have choice of CBSE, ICSE, IB etc. boards and also independent curriculum options. Many school options with alternate schooling systems are also available to the parents. There are also schools that offer multiple board options in the same premise. Along with board options, city schools also offer variety in the choice of II & III language, multiple extracurricular activities to engage in, many sports to learn and pursue and various career streams at XI or PU level. The schools in the city also have modern and well equipped infrastructure and facilities to aid the learning environment for children. The schools also come with varying fee structure to suit different capabilities and interests of parents.

Multitude of schooling options has enhanced the scope of education and made Bengaluru an ideal choice for education. People shifting cities and jobs within the country, Indians moving back to the country, the expatriates moving to our country –all find a suitable option for the education of their children within the city. The good part is these multiple options are available in all zones of the city. This saves the inconvenience of making children travel too far in the increasing traffic of the city to attend a ‘good’ school. This gives peace of mind to parents, and more energy and time to children for other activities and saves their childhood.

More choice also equals to more confusion. This stands true even in case of options in schools. This abundance of choice, no doubt has brought convenience and enhanced scope, but has also enhanced stress for parents to zero down on one school for their child. Even after the choice is sealed, human nature compels the continuous exploration of other alternatives from the options available.

There is no quick fix remedy to this. The best a parent can do is to follow a simple 5 step process:

Firstly, list down the schools in the radius which is practically convenient for the child to travel. Secondly, shorten the list to schools based on your preference of the board. Thirdly, evaluate the fees and other monetarily guided guidelines of the school. Evaluate this in terms of the facilities in school that will aid in child’s actual learning. Remember, children need to play, explore and get messy while growing and learning. Fourthly, check the focus and purpose in the homework and activities children of the school are engaged into. Lastly, and most importantly – follow your own instinct and gut, not your friends or neighbours.

And then – trust your decision and relax.

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