Best Preschool & Daycare in Electronic City & Bannerghtta Road

Children hold the key to our lives

If you are looking for Best Preschool and Day Care on Bannerghatta Road & Electronic City...your search ends here/ you are at right place

Keykidz is the preschool and day care centre on Bannerghatta Road and Electronic City that has been rated as the best playschool and day care by parents.

The core belief at our preschool and day care is that children hold the KEY to our lives. At our playschool and day care centres we know children hold the KEY to the world and have the potential to unlock infinite possibilities, if nurtured well.

We offer the award winning* ‘7 E’ curriculum. This, along with our passionate and trained facilitators makes us the best preschool and day care option in Bangalore.

This focus on the KEY aspects of child’s learning requirements makes us the best preschool and day care in Electronic City Phase 1 and Bannerghatta Road for children. Here the child is nurtured to grow into happy and responsible global human being. The KEY principle of Keykidz preschools and day cares’ philosophy is to make learning experiential, while maintaining the significant balance between Choice & Structure.